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Are you missing out on turnover? Research clearly shows that 9 out of 10 visitors quit webstores and websites that are not provided in their own language. In today’s world, with the Internet, borders are blurring and globalisation is growing.

Machielsen is the only translation agency where you get a second correction round for free. Would you like to know more about the double native speaker principle?

“Our translation agency has been delivering successful translations since 1990; that’s something we’re exceptionally proud of.”

Liesbeth Machielsen

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And we couldn’t ask for better clients

They rely entirely on our expertise

The right tone, the right terminology

Our aim is to make you shine through your translation.

Assigning a translator with the proper knowledge is absolutely essential for delivering a first-rate translation

Our translators are focused fanatics, all specialising in their own particular subject, be it art, swimming pool technology, microbiology; you name it. They understand your jargon and speak your target group’s language. They are professionals with inherent expertise.

We aim to deliver translations that are at least as good as their source text and which are refined to perfection for your specific target group.

Focus on quality and service

A good translation makes all the difference. For example, if a text concerns a complex job tender, a good translation can make the difference between who is awarded the contract and who is not. Our task is to provide a high quality translation to ensure your text makes the proper impact. It is vital to know exactly what your translation is to achieve and who the receiver of your message will be.

  • For a marketing text, it is far more important to get the message across than to translate the actual words.
  • In a medical dossier, however, the translation should be as literal as possible.

We pride ourselves on our constructive thinking both before and after delivery of a translation. Before starting, we review the source text to consider any points which could be improved and to ensure the documents are complete. Upon delivery of the translation we provide feedback and tips, if we have any. For instance, a translator might consider that a certain text is not quite suitable for a particular country or region. In that case, we will discuss with you how to adapt the text so as to arrive at a translation which is still in line with your aims and wishes and appeals to your target group.

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Our double native speaker principle

“We at Machielsen Translation Agency assign at least two native speakers to a translation. An English-German translation of a labour contract, for instance, is carried out by a German legal translator and checked by a native English speaker. We are still very pleased with this method. The translators complement each other and together guarantee an optimum result.”

– Liesbeth Machielsen

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The advantages of relevant knowledge

Simply having command of a language is not enough. The subject of your text is just as important. And so the person who is to translate your annual report must have relevant knowledge to deliver an outstanding translation. That is why we work with a wide range of specialists.

You will benefit from our translators’ specialist knowledge ranging from civil engineering, to robotics, interiors, baby products, the legal profession, and so on. You can rely entirely on the translation being correct and accurate on content. The translator, in turn, gets satisfaction out of turning out texts that simply excel. Did you know that we ask our translators about their hobbies and favourite subjects?

Asking a translator about his specialism does not necessarily mean he will readily mention being a member of the local choir and passionate about singing and musicals, but if we get a text pertaining to the entertainment sector it is handy to know. It is to everyone’s advantage if translators work on texts for which they can call upon their personal knowledge and insight. That’s why we specifically ask for this additional information.

International SEO specialists

We are the only translation agency with our own SEO specialists.

Machielsen knows exactly how to reach your target group with exceptional talent specialising in international SEO. Would you also like to be found by a specific target group abroad? Machielsen offers a range of outstanding services for:

SEO translation

SEO translation is a recognised specialism. Machielsen is one of the very few translation agencies (probably the only one) to employ SEO specialists. A list of search terms was undoubtedly compiled for your original website. We advise against translating these keywords literally without doing further research.

Keywords in a source language which deliver plenty of traffic might possibly generate very little in the target language. An SEO translator first investigates to determine what might or might not work in his country and draws up a new list based on the results. If you already have a list of keywords for your target country we can use that list as the basis for our research.

After the investigation, the translator can start making the translation on the basis of the keyword list and possible synonyms. Our SEO translators deliver strong SEO translations, without losing sight of the target group. It is vital that visitors in the country where you wish to be found can identify with the way in which they are addressed.

Technological advantages

People often ask us if we adopt machine translation. The answer is no. We even advise against machine translation. No translation machine is able to interpret the precise meaning of your text, nor is it able to reflect the nuances of your narrative in another language. A good, professional translator does exactly that. So it is for this reason that we only ever use real people to work on your texts. We do use translation software, which remembers previous translations and solutions. Translation software safeguards consistency of terminology.

Need a translation? This is how it works!

You want your company brochure translated into French. You e-mail us the text and request a quote. We send you an offer based on the number of words (translations are priced per word).

We also let you know how long we will need to complete your translation. After we receive your agreement, the assignment is logged in our planning schedule, which we closely monitor.

We assign a suitable translator and reviser who in view of the language combination and expertise complement each other. Once the translation is finished, the text is forwarded to the reviser, who checks whether the translation is complete, correct and reads fluently.

The revised text is then sent back to the translator, who either agrees with the changes or might have some very good reasons for keeping the original translation. In principle, the translator has the final word.

Our double native speaker principle

Did you know that we work with two native language speakers for every translation? That we follow a double native speaker principle that is rarely applied?

It puzzles us why this principle is not used more often. Suppose you have a sustainability report in English which needs to be translated into Dutch. We assign a translator who is a Dutch native speaker and who has studied English (and, by the way, knows everything about sustainability, but that’s a different subject).

The reviser who checks the translation must be a native English speaker who has studied Dutch.
Most other agencies, if and when they do include a revision round, tend to use another Dutch native speaker for the revision. And in most instances the proof reader only opens and reads through the translation. No typing errors? Are the sentences correct? Does the text run smoothly?


Machielsen Translation Agency insists its revisers open both the translation and the source text, place them next to each other and assess whether the native translator has correctly interpreted the message of the original document.

However good a translator may be, he is not a native speaker in the source language. After all, we wanted a native speaker in the target language. We continually see that nuances are overlooked or misinterpreted (and that’s putting it kindly) when we let a second native speaker of the target language do the revision.

In short, Machielsen Translation Agency is adamant: a translation must be carried out by a native speaker of the target language and checked by a native speaker of the source language!