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With our translation agency at the core we continue to expand our services; a purely natural process, as we always work with the content at heart. At Machielsen, everyone is tasked with doing what they’re best at, handing them the opportunity to excel.

Storytelling is written into our DNA.

You will benefit from our long years of experience in worldwide communication. We continually build upon our substantive knowledge, consistency in terminology and style, across the entire array of services we offer. Our key strengths are:

‘Double native’ approach

We always use the ‘double native’ approach “At least two native speakers will work on your text at Machielsen. For example, when translating a Dutch-German employment contract, the text is translated by a native German legal translator who then hands it over to a native Dutch speaker to review. We are absolutely convinced that this method delivers the very best possible result.”

– Liesbeth Machielsen

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Special integrations for ecommerce

We can link our translation platform with the following Content Management Systems

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Our favourite translation agency in the world.

All of us want to be heard and understood, in any language, anywhere in the world. It is our mission to support people with this. We are driven by delivering quality and enjoying our work. We want to contribute to your success, and are happy to go the extra mile. The Machielsen team is housed in a beautiful historic mansion in Groningen, and ready to serve a wide range of clients.

This is why you use Machielsen

Storytelling and translation are in our DNA. We’ve been producing the best texts and translations for 27 years.
Double native
Our application of the double-native principle is unique in the translation industry.
All our staff members work in their own professional field. Your target audience will immediately identify with the content.
Our efforts and our long record of service prove that we are your ideal language partner.

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