Not your average translation agency

Above and beyond… We are the translation agency of the future.

In a world where borders blur and where technology develops faster than Usain Bolt can run, you need more than just a translation agency. You want an experienced language partner who can help you succeed in any language with a combination of language and marketing knowledge.

Machielsen is your one-stop-shop for international marketing and communication.

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The Multi Language Content Connoisseurs

Your own remote international communication team. How does that sound? And all without lifting a finger… As a Machielsen partner, you have the world at your feet.

We combine our language and marketing expertise to help you succeed in every language and in every country. We do this by putting together a dedicated team of experts just for you. Our in-house professionals lead these teams and safeguard the quality. We work with a fixed monthly budget and report back to you at regular intervals.


Content Marketing Bureau

Content marketing is the most effective way of realising your organisation's growth potential and ambitions. Why? Your client's information requirements have changed entirely; we can fulfil this need with content marketing. We will create a tailored strategy, producing content that fits your organisation like a glove. We work structurally on your findability and, based on KPIs, meticulously measure the impact of our activities.

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Vertaalbureau in Groningen

Translation agency

Key to all communication is the message you wish to put across. Text is at the very heart of your communication, in any language. A good translation is the essential key component for effectively delivering your message directly to your target group. A good translation can even tip the scales in your favour in a bidding situation. With our knowledge and expertise we can add value to your international success. We use two native speakers in all our translation assignments.

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Jenny Shelepov

Project manager

Anna Moerbeek

Project manager

Liesbeth Machielsen


Herre Zonderland

Content & Social medium



BBA Pumps

We needed more than an SEO translation and were looking for someone who could do a bit more with regard to international SEO. Our search led us to Machielsen’s door. The combination of in-house and local SEO specialists ensured an outstanding result.

Henno Schothorst
Teksten laten schrijven door content schrijver

Van der Maas & Verhoog Advocaten

We’ve been working with Machielsen for many years and for us it's pretty simple. If you want excellent content marketing, high quality translations and easy and enjoyable communication: Go to Machielsen!

Archie Verhoog

We will realise all of your international ambitions

When you use a translation agency to translate a text, you of course expect a quality text in return. For you, what really matters is that your target group is addressed in the appropriate tone of voice and that your organisation's unique quality comes across in the translated version. Our distinctive working method delivers translations of the highest possible quality. We use two native speaking translators for every translation: one a native speaker in the target language and the other in the source language. The translation is produced by a native speaker and revised by a second native speaker.

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Benefit from our expertise 

What can be more rewarding than the freedom to focus entirely on what you're good at? Leave the content and the translations in our capable hands and divert all your energies to your own operation. Request a quote now - 100% obligation free – and let us lift the strain from your hands.

  • Your remote team harbours a wealth of expertise
  • Two native speakers per translation
  • Every text has a clear objective
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