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The best investment in digital marketing

Your organisation’s marketing budget needs to be spent in an optimum manner. You have clear objectives: you want to make it easy for people to find you online, impress your target group and generate leads. The best way to achieve this objective is well executed content marketing. Why? Before deciding, your client will always search for the information online. Content marketing exactly meets your client’s requirements for information. Many companies still approach their clients with dated tactics.

  • Increased visitors and a higher conversion percentage
  • More effective and economical than simply advertising
  • Meet your target group's information requirements
  • Strengthen your brand with content marketing
  • Improve your findability with SEO content
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Content marketing

We’ve outsourced our content marketing to Machielsen content marketing agency. The content is effective and our collaboration is relaxed and professional.

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Our content partner

We’ve been working with Machielsen for many years and for us it's pretty simple. If you want excellent content marketing, high quality translations and easy and enjoyable communication: Go to Machielsen!

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Tailored content strategy

We start with an investigation and an SEO baseline measurement. We determine your organisation’s stronger, as well as its weaker points. We create a winning content strategy by tracing the outcome. We plan the activities in a six month content calendar or programme.

The team and monthly creation

You will be dedicated your own content team, which will immerse itself in your organisation. Your team will perform monthly activities in response to the content strategy and the planning. We are always available to you via your own Slack channel.

Reporting and optimisation

You will receive a monthly report. We measure our impact based on the baseline measurement and previously determined KPIs. Based on our results, we optimise the content strategy to create maximum effect.

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Analytics & AdWords certified. We use our knowledge of Google to optimise our content and translations to ensure they are even more successful.

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Digital Marketer

We upgrade our skills in collaboration with Digital Marketer: SEO, content marketing, email marketing, copywriting and social media.

Content SEO


We are a member of both VVIN and EUATC and strive jointly to improve the quality of Dutch translation agencies.


Let content marketing work for you

Your organisation has clear objectives: you wish to improve your findability, generate leads and desire to be firmly in the frame where this concerns your target group. Your client's information requirements have changed considerably and content marketing fulfils this need. You are looking for a content partner who can deliver premier quality. When you contact us, we will get back to you within 24 hours.

  • Measurable results based on KPIs
  • You will be dedicated your own content team
  • Always a tailored content strategy
  • Content fine-tuned to your objectives
  • Inquiries are entirely obligation free
Start now with content marketing

Why should you start using content marketing immediately?

There is plenty of talk these days around content marketing and inbound marketing; but why has it become so popular? And, even more importantly, why does it work? First of all, how it works has little or nothing to do with you, your product or your service. It’s all about your client. Your client’s behaviour has changed considerably. Many companies approach their target group with outmoded tactics.

Essentially it’s your client’s requirement for information that has changed. Your sales team used to be responsible for 80% of the information supply. This is no longer the case. Your clients now search for the information they need to make their own decision. As an organisation you must therefore fulfil this desire for information. Content marketing is the key to this. You offer your target group the appropriate information and assist them on their customer journey.

Does content marketing actually work? Research by HubSpot (a leading marketing institute) has demonstrated that:

  • 78% of clients have more confidence in a brand thanks to content marketing.
  • Content marketing costs 62% less than traditional marketing, while delivering three times as many leads.
  • 80% of consumers prefer to read an article rather than view an advertisement when searching for information on a product or service.
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How we make content marketing work for you

Three words: strategy, performance and optimisation.

Strategy: We combine an SEO baseline measurement, a thorough target group analysis and an initial interview, in which we take a close look at your company when formulating a content marketing strategy that will work best for you. We also put together a content calendar or programme in which we set out all the activities for the following six months.

Performance: Utilising the strategy, we then set about creating content. We write and create content based on the calendar, which instils consistency and clarity. All the points for improvement from the SEO baseline measurement are incorporated into the calendar. This means we are also always hard at work on your findability.

Optimisation: We produce a report once a month based on the KPIs. Mapping out the most effective activities allows us to adjust, scale up or terminate activities. The content and the upcoming activities are then optimised, according to the impact observed.

Why choose us for your content marketing?

Fair question.

First of all, we do nothing solely; to be successful your input is absolutely key. Your dedicated professional content marketing team will work with you remotely on content marketing in an entirely structured manner. Our approach guarantees you content of the highest quality. All our content marketers excel in their specific professional fields and are certified by the American Digital Marketer organisation. Our clients award us an average score of 9.7 out of 10 points on the independent platform of the Feedback Company.

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All manner of content required to ensure success

Blogs, white papers, web texts, videos

The content you require will be driven by your target group. First off, we need to mention that good findability is the solid underpinning of any successful content marketing strategy. And this is of course something we weave into the content strategy. We begin with a baseline measurement to map out the current situation and what search terms will, in the immediate term, benefit you most. Our SEO specialists will set to work based on this measurement.

To improve your findability, our SEO copywriters will first revise your website,  making certain that all content satisfies Google’s demands. We will write SEO web texts and blogs and will actively build links. Content and back links being Google’s most important ranking factors, this approach guarantees success and immediately increases traffic. Content.

What information does your target group require?

It doesn’t matter what type of business you’re in, what sector you’re involved in or whether your organisation is B2B or B2C oriented. Content marketing is the perfect conduit to make contact with your target group. Many companies start creating content and then abandon it after a couple of weeks “because it doesn’t work”. Well here’s some news that might surprise you: if content marketing doesn’t work, it’s because the content isn’t good enough.

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The most fun content marketing agency

For you, as well as for our content miracle workers

Machielsen content marketing agency has been around for thirty years. We have become a famous, or perhaps infamous, operator in the communication sector. Of course after so many years we know exactly what we find important: our relationship with clients and staff (the content miracle workers). The most fun agency for everyone involved. We’re convinced that you only add value if you do something you take real pleasure in.

So why are we so good? Everyone here enjoys creating content that makes the difference. Our content stars all have their own specialism and are awarded free rein to shine every day. Quality is sacred, and deadlines are carved in stone. We value continuous development and invest in training and courses every year.

Always a dedicated professional team

When we join forces for your content marketing, a tailor-made team comes together. This will be your dedicated content marketing team who will work with you remotely. This means short lines, facilitating easy communication. Your dedicated team will immerse itself entirely in your organisation; they will do their utmost to pin down the appropriate tone of voice and nuance. We always arrange for a visit to hold an initial interview and to sample the atmosphere.


Speed dial on steroids

Need us? We're there for you…

Our speed dial on steroids will integrate seamlessly with your preferred mode of communication, as we are available across a whole range of channels. Do you find emailing quaint and would you rather receive an immediate answer to your query? Let's communicate via our Slack channel.

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