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Our translation platform makes translating your online shop even easier.

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Your online shop translated by professionals

You also wish to stand out internationally and ensure you reach your target audience effectively. People will shop differently in the country you wish to be found, use search engines differently and humour based on Dutch of course rarely hits the mark, which means a language partner you can trust entirely when translating your online content. More about Machielsen translation agency

Our translation platform makes translating your online shop even easier.

Your product descriptions professionally translated

We’re convinced that your online shop’s product descriptions are absolutely key. And will often mean the difference between conversion and no conversion. Having your product texts translated is vital if you intend to offer your products on the international market.

It’s essential that the visitors in the country you wish to do business in recognise their own culture in the way they are approached. We ensure that the entire website experience pushes all the appropriate and effective buttons.

Our translators excel at translating product descriptions. This also applies to writing content. More about Machielsen translation agency

SEA campaigns translated

You have just launched your (glossy new) translated website or online shop, all you need now is traffic. AdWords campaigns are often the primary tool for generating traffic. Translating these AdWords can be tricky, as the language needs to chime with the target audience, as well as meeting the demands and expectations of, for example, Google.

Machielsen’s translators know exactly how to construct a successful AdWords campaign by touching your target group with key search words, underpinned by the appropriate tone of voice.

Machielsen translation platform

Our translation platform is exceptionally suited for translating and localising websites and online shops. Having an API link with the CMS ensures that you no longer need to work with CSV exports.

A direct link allows translations to be dropped directly onto our platform, immediately launching our streamlined translation process. This smart platform will also flag up to us when new products are placed in your online shop. Although it is of course you who remains in control of which texts get translated.

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Localisation & Translation

It is imperative that visitors in your target country can identify with how you address them. We ensure that your entire web experience triggers clients in the proper way.

If you decide to go international with your web shop, it is a particularly smart move to fine-tune the content with the country in which you wish to offer your products. It is vital to research whether the style and the information suit a particular country. One good example is a translation we produced for a webstore dealing in baby products that wished to move into the Spanish market. The original texts made frequent references to a practice of maternity care common in the Netherlands, but totally unheard of in Spain. Care for a mother and her newborn is arranged in a totally different manner in Spain. We were happy to fine-tune the content to sit comfortably with the various Spanish customs.

Tip: Don’t forget to have your general terms and conditions and your FAQs translated.

Avoid embarrassing bloopers!

When going international with your online shop, the best approach is to gear the content to the country you’re targeting. Have it researched to ensure the style and information connect with a particular country. For example, we have previously translated content for an online shop offering baby products that wanted to make a splash in the Spanish market. The texts made frequent references to maternity care; a familiar, accepted concept in the Netherlands, but unheard of in Spain. There, mother and child care is arranged along entirely different lines. Thankfully we were awarded the freedom to align the content with the Spanish practices.

‘Double native’ approach

We always use the ‘double native’ approach “At least two native speakers will work on your text at Machielsen. For example, when translating a Dutch-German employment contract, the text is translated by a native German legal translator who then hands it over to a native Dutch speaker to review. We are absolutely convinced that this method delivers the very best possible result.”

– Liesbeth Machielsen

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