Professional translators specialised in education

Education is our forte. We ensure that colleges, universities and other related organisations communicate in a professional, clear and transparent manner, both internally and externally.

We translate, revise and edit:

  • Study guides
  • Exam papers
  • Communication material
  • Regulations
  • Information for students and interns
  • Contracts

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Internationalisation of education

Internationalisation figures significantly in education as well. Pupils and students come from all corners of the world to study in our country, and vice versa. Many colleges and universities are affiliated with educational institutions abroad or they run their own campuses abroad.

With Machielsen you agree on the terminology you wish to use within your organisation to ensure univocal communication, both internally and externally. Apart from making a professional impression, this will also provide clarity and recognisability for students, colleagues and external parties.

We will use the same translators throughout for your organisation, all of whom are education specialists. With their considerable knowledge they are able to understand, interpret and communicate the material appropriately and clearly.

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‘Double native’ approach

We always use the ‘double native’ approach “At least two native speakers will work on your text at Machielsen. For example, when translating a Dutch-German employment contract, the text is translated by a native German legal translator who then hands it over to a native Dutch speaker to review. We are absolutely convinced that this method delivers the very best possible result.”

– Liesbeth Machielsen

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Special integrations for ecommerce

We can link our translation platform with the following Content Management Systems

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