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Expertise in the financial sector

Machielsen Translation Agency has proudly produced reliable financial translations since 1990.

Parties across a wide variety of sectors collaborate increasingly with international partners, requiring them to produce translated versions (often in several languages) of tenders, pension information for staff, contracts or minutes of shareholders’ meetings.

As a financial translation agency we have built up considerable databases and expertise over the years.

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Information requirements and comprehensibility

Our clients in the financial sector – investment companies, pension funds, insurers, tax consultants – are increasingly required by regulators to produce annual reports, websites and other forms of communication in various languages. This is the result of several factors, including the empowerment of clients and the information demanded by government agencies.

Another interesting fact is that companies and authorities in the financial sector are required to communicate in an entirely comprehensible manner. Every reader must be able to understand the often complex content. Creating comprehensible texts is precisely one of our strengths.

Consistent terminology

Do you need a financial document translated? We will create a list of preferred terms in consultation with you to ensure that translations produced on your behalf always contain consistent terminology. Because we work with a tool that maintains and memorises all your translated texts, the more often you return to us, the more we build upon the terminology, and the more lucrative your translations become.

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Confidentiality is an integral part of our general terms and conditions. You can always count on our discretion. Confidentiality is safeguarded through our meticulously described business processes.

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‘Double native’ approach

We always use the ‘double native’ approach “At least two native speakers will work on your text at Machielsen. For example, when translating a Dutch-German employment contract, the text is translated by a native German legal translator who then hands it over to a native Dutch speaker to review. We are absolutely convinced that this method delivers the very best possible result.”

– Liesbeth Machielsen

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