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Technical translators

Jargon; technical yet commercial

The technical texts we translate as a translation agency can contain highly specialised terms and jargon. However, many have a commercial purpose as well, for instance if they make up part of a sales brochure or website.

It is therefore imperative that these texts are correct on content (so that fellow specialists can identify with them) as well as understandable (making them clear to customers). Therefore, the text is translated by a technical specialist and checked by a marketing specialist who ensures the text is fluid and digestible.

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Consistency in translations

Using translation specialists has many advantages. We make smart use of translation memories to ensure the consistent translation of specialist terms.

We can create dedicated wordlists and a style guide to ensure that your texts are translated consistently by various translators. Furthermore, frequent repetitions within a text can produce a significant discount and, if you use our services regularly, previously translated texts can also entitle you to discounts.

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‘Double native’ approach

We always use the ‘double native’ approach “At least two native speakers will work on your text at Machielsen. For example, when translating a Dutch-German employment contract, the text is translated by a native German legal translator who then hands it over to a native Dutch speaker to review. We are absolutely convinced that this method delivers the very best possible result.”

– Liesbeth Machielsen

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