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Correct translation of sector terminology and professional language

Do you run a technical company and does your business cross borders? Or are you planning to go international in the next few years? Language and communication have been clearly demonstrated as the greatest stumbling blocks for many companies operating in any technical sector. You need a language partner who can bridge the gap between you and your prospects. That can only be someone who has both the right technical experience and knows how to communicate the story. You want to be sure that all your communications are professionally translated, from technical specifications and legal contracts to social media messages. With our knowledge and expertise we can add value to your international success.

  • Specialist technical translation teams
  • Free additional revision by 2nd native translator
  • Access to 30 years of knowledge and expertise
  • Critical eye on the source text
  • Our service scores 9.7 out of 10
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We needed more than an SEO translation and were looking for someone who could do a bit more with regard to international SEO. Our search led us to Machielsen’s door. The combination of in-house and local SEO specialists ensured an outstanding result.

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We’ve been working with Machielsen for many years and for us it's pretty simple. If you want excellent content marketing, high quality translations and easy and enjoyable communication: Go to Machielsen!

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Preparation - analysis and initial interview 

Careful preparation is vital. Apart from text analysis using our software, we will organise an initial interview to assess the appropriate tone of voice and discuss preferred terms.

Performance - double native team

The translator we select, as well as being a native speaker in the target language, will posses ample knowledge of your text’s subject matter. The reviser, however, is a native in the source language. They may share specialist knowledge with the translator, although sometimes we select someone with complementary expertise.

Completion - checks and delivery

The reviser checks the translation for grammar, spelling and readability. Being a native speaker in the source language, the reviser is also able to check that the message has been put across correctly. The translation will be delivered after a thorough final internal check in our office.

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Analytics & AdWords certified. We use our knowledge of Google to optimise our content and translations to ensure they are even more successful.

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Digital Marketer

We upgrade our skills in collaboration with Digital Marketer: SEO, content marketing, email marketing, copywriting and social media.

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We are a member of both VVIN and EUATC and strive jointly to improve the quality of Dutch translation agencies.


Obligation-free quote for your technical translation 

If you do business across borders, you need a language partner who can bridge the gap between you and your prospects. That can only be someone who has both the right technical experience and knows how to communicate the story. Our expertise can add value to your international success. Our clients value our excellent service and quality with 9.7 out of 10.

  • Our service scores 9.7 out of 10
  • All languages, all professional fields
  • Confidentiality and discretion guaranteed
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Technical translation agency

Translations of the highest quality

Translations for the technical sector demand a specialist approach. Often full of jargon, technical texts are virtually untranslatable without the appropriate technical experience. The translation must also fulfil your objectives; a quote must sell and a technical manual must be clear and succinct. It is imperative to work with specialists when producing a technical translation.

After all, you want to be taken seriously by your international business partners. Quality, speed and correct use of terminology are the key points in a translation.

Examples of technical translations

  • Technical quotes
  • Technical websites
  • Manuals
  • Technical sales brochures
  • Product specifications
  • Software

A translation agency that understands the technical sector

You might think for example: my text is so technical, they’ll never be able to translate that. We’ve heard that one before. With the level of specialist knowledge we have under our belt however, we’ve managed to amaze many a techy! Becoming a technical translator is something of an elaborate process. Our translators have of course completed a language course. We also expect them to possess demonstrable technical experience. Some translators will have studied engineering. Others will have worked in a specific technical sector for many years. For example, we have a technical German translator who is a specialist in swimming pool technology.

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Quality translations for the technical sector

Always two native speaking translators

We have developed an exclusive working method to guarantee translations of the very highest quality for the technical sector. We work in accordance with our ‘double native’ principle. This means we don’t use one, but two native speakers. The translators are always technical specialists. And, as previously mentioned, two native speakers will always work on your text. For example, a Dutch-German translation of a technical manual will be created by a German technical translator and checked by a Dutch reviser. Every day we are satisfied we use this approach. The German and the Dutch translators complement each other to ensure an optimum result.

Consistent terminology and professional language

When translating large documents, such as manuals or extensive technical sales brochures, it is vital to be consistent when translating the terminology. Our translators are supported by software to safeguard this consistency. This software ensures that all terms are translated in the same manner.

If required we can also create glossaries along with a style guide, to ensure everyone working on your translation chimes to the same note. In addition, the software will also recognise any repeats in the text, which can deliver an attractive discount for you. If you use our translation services on a regular basis, then previously translated texts will also attract a discount.

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SEO translations for the technical sector

Aim for global findability

If you need a technical text translated for internet use, such as a website, a blog or an e-book, then it is a good idea to consider SEO. After all, you want to be found by the right target group. An SEO translation will provide an excellent base. If you wish to take things a step further you can opt for developing an international SEO strategy. Many technical sector companies use our international SEO knowledge and expertise.

SEO stands for search engine optimisation. It is used to improve websites’ scoring in the organic (unsponsored) Google results. SEO breaks down into three main categories key to success: content, links and technology. By optimising your website as well as possible, your website’s authority increases, thereby raising your Google ranking. With a higher position you can count on increased and more relevant traffic to your website.

As an ambitious company you will need more than a good SEO translation.

Google’s algorithm assesses your website based on more than 200 ranking factors. You want your website to be optimised on as many factors and fronts as possible, thereby ensuring you end up high in the search result ranking. Machielsen’s international SEO team is at the ready for you. Our exclusive working method ensures an optimum result. We assemble a team made up of in-house and local SEO specialists. We can guarantee the quality of work in any language, as this is always checked by an in-house specialist. In most instances we have noticed that language is the biggest stumbling block.

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